What do you think about the clans?

How many people wish they had more people in their clan but can’t round up enough friends to join? What do you guys think about the clan system? Feel free to post your clan link in the comments.

In the current state I have the feeling that clans are useless, what I miss:

  1. Ways to communicate with the members, a forum or something similar would be nice.

  2. The clan ladder system seems to disappear sometimes, I know of a friend and myself that the link list in the clan overview is sometimes visible, sometimes not and sometimes only parts of it will be shown (like only one link).
    I have no idea why this happens, but it might get be fixed by deleting my internet files (Chrome) which is far from acceptable.

  3. Clans dont play a role outside the clan himself. Maybe add clanwars with a better tournament system, or levels which allow teams (not only 1vs1 but more)

  4. Clans dont provide any benefits, yes you see your progress compared to other clan members, but thats it.

What kind of communication would you want to have with your clanmates–what topics would you discuss?

  1. Planing clan intern events.
  2. Communicating about levels. Yes this could be done here, but many may be more willing to talk in a closed off mini clan community than in the big open world.
  3. Offtopic themes as many may know each other in real life.
  4. Code snippit exchange, like ready to use attack scripts, filters, eg.

Suff like this. If the clan feature has been extended to be usefull the topics may be more and different.

Currently I talk to one of my clanmates through the Steam friends chat. Other clan members got ignored there or miss many things. We talk very much about CodeCombat and I think this kind of talk may not belong to this forum.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that clan wars would be awesome!

The clans are OK, but I think there are many ways that we can improve them