What is wrong with my code in Sarven Shepard[SOLVED]

please show us your code when asking for help and give a description of what needs to be fixed and when you show us your code please make sure to format your code using the </> button and someone will be glad to help you @phantomofthedark2.

Hi phantomofthedark2,

There’s several things to sort:

  1. Your indentation needs sorting out. Everything inside the while True loop needs to have at least 1 indent. At the moment your second while statement doesn’t have this, so it never runs.
  2. Your second while loop needs to be defined in terms of the enemyIndex and len(enemies), so that it runs a certain number of times.
  3. Inside this second while loop, you need to increase enemyIndex by 1 each time, so that a different enemy is checked.

Try those, post your code again if it still doesn’t work.


Thanks! It works now

if it is solved please press the tic box beside the post that helped you complete the level.

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