Where do you go from here?

Hi all!

So I have a question for you! With each day that passes I grow closer and closer to reaching the end of my CC journey, so my question for you is this: where do you go after this? I have had a great time here and it has been a great experience, are there places with a similar great experience that you have had?

So far I have broadened my horizons to (let me know if naming other sites here is not allowed, and if so can people pm their recommendations?) CodeAcademy, W3Schools, and tried building a few basic applications myself but I would like to know what recommendations you all have? I am working with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with future ambitions of Python (so far) but would like to hear any recommendations regardless! =)

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Well, you can try making your own game using any of the programming languages learned in codecombat.


Download Visual Studio programming environment (the free Community version) and install the appropriate add-ins/extensions for whatever language you prefer. There’s plenty of youtube videos on how to do this. Or you could just download Python from the main site. Personally, I prefer Visual Studio but it’s just personal preference.

I’ve bookmarked several sites that I intend to get to eventually with my daughter. None are as fun or interesting as Code Combat but look like good learning tools. There’s some interesting stuff in this article as well.

That should be enough info to keep you busy for a while. :grinning:


Hey, thanks both! And ye I’ve been following a guy who is making a Doom like engine with js lol

Most of those links were awesome @MunkeyShynes ! Only thing is I’m not in the states otherwise that and the other link you sent me would have been awesome to try out =)

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Are you talking about Def Con 2018 in Las Vegas? I can’t wait. My daughter and I are super excited about going. She’s only 10 and already learning some useful skills. https://r00tz.org/ should be very informative.

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Yea I was haha xD That would have been really neat to attend!


A couple more…


Oo I forgot HackerRank lol I’ll give them a look at too! Thanks @MunkeyShynes <3

550+ Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start This October

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Above list updated:


Wow, that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing that. I’ll definitely do some of them. :smile: