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Where is wiki with help?


Where I can read what types of enemies exists?
Or I can not understand how to use bash? Should I use isReady for bash or not?
And so on…
Why help so useless?


Don’t know that there is a wiki. I think you learn the types of enemies as they become important. Though I think it is a great idea and probably someone should start the wiki. Probably get a link from the site as well.

isReady is used to make sure that the cooldown has finished on an action, so yes, you can use it with bash to make sure you are ready to bash before doing it. Basically bash can be used as a supplemental attack.

Help so useless because it hasn’t been fully established yet, feel free to contribute!


I am very unsure but hopefully they’re writing it down for us but any questions unsure please do say so. I am here gladly to help out!