Which one is better, paladin or griffin-rider

I’m working on Cloudrip Brawl. I was wondering which one (paladin or griffin-rider) would be better to use and give more time. Also, I would like to know about some advantages and disadvantage’s of choosing either.

Why not use both? You could command the paladins to go out and attack the enemy, while healing the weakest friend if needed, and command the griffin-riders to stay attack the enemy from a distance, moving away if they come too close.


I personally use paladin since its so useful for me.

I agree with you, Deadpool, I feel like since the paladin has lots of health, low damage, but griffin-rider has high damage, low health, paladins go up front to attract the enemy, but the griffin-riders will provide support.

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paladin can heal us and has high health but griffin-rider
has high deal damage but has low health but has good speed
and cost is
paladin = 80gold
griffin-rider = 70gold
so i perfer paladin

They do the same damage.
600 health, 20 dmg, 8 speed, 80 gold, heal 150
Grid: 160 health, 20 dmg, 20 speed, 50 gold

Yes, they do the same damage, but paladins have a higher damage/second. Paladins have an attack cooldown of 0.4 seconds vs griffin-rider’s 0.5 seconds.


Griffins rides are ranged and have knock back as a bonus.

Paladins can shield and take less damage.

I suggest using soldiers, archers, and paladins to form squads. the paladin can heal and the soldiers are tanks for the archers to shoot. Plus, the doesn’t cost much.

Well, personally, if we were going to use the unit 1v1, I would use paladin, since they can heal, and they have very high health. so they can tank it out the whole battle, but if there was a war, I would send soldiers in the front to absorb damage, and archers a griffin ridders in the back.