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Who builds with Lego

No, 90% of pictures that I sent in this topic are my models and I built them from my head. Sometimes I send sets Like the Death Star, but it’s easy to see whic are sets and which aren’t.


hmm cool i think i like using instructions but sometimes i want to build something and it does not have any instructions i am like fine i will design it and a hour later i am like huh this is pretty cool


I’m pretty good at making my own, I just don’t have the pieces. Technic too. If I had a ton of technic stuff, I could probably make some cool things. Not that I have it in my head yet; I kind of experiment through it. But I haven’t gotten my Legos out for a while. I should do that soon. :thinking:


Same… If I had maaaany pieces, I’m sure I would build something big and beautiful… I bought more plants and more mountain details. But I will use them only after my birthday, in April.


Part 2
Murloc’s summer house
Murloc, as many people, sometimes wants a rest, without evil sorcerers (I’m not talking about Pender) and knights and peasants. Today he went out of his house, to walk into the forest.
His summer house was in a beautiful place: the waterfall gurgled, birds sang, and a scarecrow creaked… And there was nothing else and no one else around… He loved this place.
In his house, there was a bed, a table with many books on it and a chest, just a simple wood chest without any treasures in it. The chest was for clothes.
Nature sang, the moon was shining, and they all waited for their kind and calm lord.

The room

The waterfall

Some things were outside…


That is good. That is one sweet summer house.


Thanks Milton!

Do you guys like ths set?

I really want it!


That looks cool. Can you post it when you finish building it.


I don’t have it… That’s the main problem. But I have a small chance - there is one LEGO contest on one site and if I won I can choose this and get it.


Okay that sounds cool.

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wow cool that i wish i had it so cool

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Sorry to bump this to the top but might as well join in!

I spent $350 on this lol.
It is interactive tho!

its actually 4 sets


Wow nice @Ashmit_Singh

Cool! how is it interactive?

Uh in the fortress(nether) there is a tnt launcher kept seperate, and you can blow up the fortress and it will actually sorta blow up

In the iron golem one, well he just pops out. Also he actually hits hard irl too. the zombie was knocked 4 feet.

Snowy one… CREEPER AW MAN. also shooting working snowgolem and house actually opens its door and all.

And the castle… ill let you discover its labyrinth of secrets

Oh! I didn’t realize it was minecraft! lol

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they are way too expensive, evn the minifigs!