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Who builds with Lego

I created this topic to discuss just LEGO, and your buildings from it. Here is my best building (at the moment):

Here are more photos:
(Sorry, this site is Russian)

My work shows a scene from the life of pirates. They successfully used the rocky seashore to build their lair. One pirate is fishing. The other stares intently into the distance. A pirate chases an impudent monkey who has stolen a banana right from the table. One pirate is resting in the shade of a palm tree, because it is very hot in the scorching sun, and his friend, sweating, continues to fry in the sun. Two more pirates are walking along the fortress wall.

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I LOVE playing Lego!!!


Here is one of my buildings:

This is a story about the wizard Murloc, who lived during the dark Middle Ages on the banks of a quiet river.
One sunny summer morning, Murloc came out of his hut to get water …
And only he scooped up water in a bucket,
when he heard that someone called him.
He turned and saw that a knight with his squire approached his house.
It turned out to be Iseophanes the Brave from the city of Saint-Calin. The evil sorcerer emptied all the wells of his city, so Iseophanes came to Murloc for help.
They approached the house.
Murloc lived modestly. Apart from many books and a chest with the magical Office, there was almost nothing in the house.
Two rough, dusty tables and stools made of stumps — that’s all the furniture. The wizard slept on the chest.
Murloc opened one of the magic books to find the recipe for the right potion.
Then he poured water brought from the river into the barrel, added all sorts of things, including fly agarics and pumpkins growing near the house, uttered spells and stirred the contents of the barrel with a magic staff.
The result is a viscous liquid of a poisonous purple color. After filling a bucket with it, Murloc gave it to the knight, giving the necessary instructions: on a moonlit night, pour a little potion from this bucket into each well of the city, and then the water will again fill the wells.
Inspired, Iseophanes with his squire thanked the wizard and hurried home to save their city.
And you know: they did it all! :slight_smile:

It’s on Bricker ( too!
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Why did only one person follow the link? There are a lot of interesting things, for example, there are many caves on the back of the work.


@DimaP that pirate scene is actually really cool! I like how you didn’t use bricks to make the water like people normally would. It makes the water look realistic and super interesting!


Thanks, do you like Lego? We can talk about it!


Very nice guys! I too like lego :wink:, although these days I mostly build cars etc from power functions.


Quand j’étais plus jeune, j’adorai ça. Aujourd’hui plus furtivement avec mes enfants… :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Sure! (20 Characters)


Did you make that pirate island @DimaP?


Yes, it’s my building.

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Oh, I love building cars with power functions, too!

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I REALLY like building cars. Also I like building medieval castles and other buildings.

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I have a very large one at the moment actually… :grin:


Please, can you send a photo?

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Here is a funny video about accident with Lego cars :wink:


Another building:

A knight-errant was looking for adventures. He wandered around his country for a long time and one day came across a burned-out village. He began to wonder what had happened there, and he went towards the ashes. But just as he reached the bridge, a terrifying fire-breathing dragon appeared from behind the nearest burned-out hut! Here it is-a long-awaited adventure! Now the knight will fight the dragon and defeat it!

Without effects:

More photos:
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Thanks for the video, it was very funny!


i use to make little like theme parks with a water fountain and a little snack stand (i dont have a photo) but i had 2 boards and conneted them together to make like a pool it was really fun (we gave our legos to someone at our church cause we didnt play with them anymore)(i have 3 sisters so that is what i mean by we)


Why only one guy click on video? I made it on Yandex Disk just because I can’t upload it without because it’s very big to photo.

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