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YOOOOOOOOOOO who are u guys cheering for in the world cup?

I’m cheering for Japan (my home country)
and THEY JUST WON AGAINST GERMANY 2-1 :slight_smile:

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same here

England :england: won 6-2 against Iran


Yeah, I’m rooting for England.

Also, Sweden. I live there. I used to live in England

I was actually in Doha 2 days ago lol

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ig Poland

dang Canada lost to belgium

and spain won to costa rica 7-0 geez spain

I’m rooting for Argentina

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Morocco just sauced on belgium 2-nil

every game i have watched was a draw…

me going for :us: we draw england he he he

usa beats iran 1-0. we going to the knockout round lets go.