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YOOOOOOOOOOO who are u guys cheering for in the world cup?

I’m cheering for Japan (my home country)
and THEY JUST WON AGAINST GERMANY 2-1 :slight_smile:

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same here

England :england: won 6-2 against Iran


Yeah, I’m rooting for England.

Also, Sweden. I live there. I used to live in England

I was actually in Doha 2 days ago lol

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ig Poland

dang Canada lost to belgium

and spain won to costa rica 7-0 geez spain

I’m rooting for Argentina


Morocco just sauced on belgium 2-nil

every game i have watched was a draw…

me going for :us: we draw england he he he

usa beats iran 1-0. we going to the knockout round lets go.

England :england: 3-0 Wales :wales:

Can’t wait for Knockouts

Poland fans got lucky that argentina and mexico only scored 2 in their games.

We’ve been watching the World Cup (almost every game!!!)

Rooting for any team that haven’t won yet

(But mainly Japan since my home country)
(Also they won against Germany and Spain so they have a slim chance)

Australia goalie made a huge mistake that probably cost them the game.

Yess! Argentina are going against Netherlands now! (big loss for USA)

Been cheering for argentina all the way. I wanna see messi win in his last world cup

Home country of England playing tonight, HYPE

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