Zero Sum collect coins

i wonder how turnaround summon griffins and palas so fast, i dont understand, he just go like (7, 10) or smth very far, pls help me, i wanna collect gold fast too

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He’s using special function for best coins and best movement and direction. (not just best item)

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Do you know how it works?

Or can you help me?

I do know but now I’m busy to explain it (school), it takes a lot of time.

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Thank you very much, take you time, its ok for me, but just wanna know

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try the function from the diamond dozen level


def findOptimalCoin(coins):
    optimal = -1000
    thione = None
    for coin in coins:
        if coin.value / hero.distanceTo(coin) > optimal:
            optimal = coin.value / hero.distanceTo(coin)
            thione = coin
    return thione

How do you command your griffins stay behind you?

You command them defend your position.

No, behind me, not defend me

You can command them to move to a special vector.

Tell me pls

It should be something like the paladin in front of you in Harrowland, but behind you.

Well, i tried, but it didnt work do i need to send it to you?

toward = Vector.add(person.pos, Vector.limit(Vector.subtract(hero.pos, person.pos), 4.5))

person = griffin

Pls help me, it just defend me, not moving or defending behind me

Why do you need it to move behind you though? Defending is much more effective.

Well, because i dont want them to die, and i have more health

Can you help me tho?