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Zig Zag and Zoom - adventurer feedback


Good level, with a few issues:

  • The default Python code contains an error. In the section “Don’t change the following code:”, the line if t < 30: references an undefined variable t when it should be time.

  • The arrows barrage animation is a bit off, sometimes it does not have a “hole” for the hero to pass through (although the hero does not take damage from it as long as the code is correct).


All that, plus I think it’s not the best graphical representation of the modulo concept. I don’t know what would be, but I would think of something that wraps around…

update: how about a level where you get killed, unless you wrap around using modulo – e.g. yaks standing in a zig-zag pattern?


Thanks. It fixed.

Yeah, I got that bug sometimes, but not sure how to fix it with available tools.

Thanks. Honestly, I’m not satisfied by that level.

Hm, it’s a good idea. Thanks!


I experienced the same issue when my mod9 code was:

def mod9(n):
    # Use a while loop to modify the parameter before returning
    while n >= 9:
        n -= 9
    return n

except my hero took damage and died. I got hit on the 3rd zig and the final zig