Ace Of Coders Tips?

I just started Ace Of Coders in codecombat AFTER A LONGGG TIME and i need some tips can someone help me out?

What is your strategy right now?

Kinda just well i dont really have a strat im just trying to kinda crack what you did wiith your code and copy it

i have this piece of code idk why it doesnt work can you help me?

    friends = hero.findFriends()
    a = hero.findByType("artillery",friends)
    hero.command(a, "attackPos", 108, 49)

When you want to attack a position, you should write the coordinates like this: {"x": x,"y":y}

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OHHH thats why i can finally evovle my strat

also i see this website as a good info waht do you think? Ace of Coders — My Winning Strategy - Michael Heasell

also if possible can you show how to use the special abilitys?

Yeah, it has a lot of good information :+1:.

Which ones? Like throw and hurl?

another problem now the code says hero placeholder needs smth to command

yes throw and hurl i tried using them lets just say i coukdnt see them even existing

Try this:

a = hero.findNearest(hero.findByType("artillery",friends))

it works thanks! 20 chars

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also if i want to send like one troop to a control point how do i do that? cuz i think if i do all types then it will send all of them there

You should use isReady() method for the commands because otherwise your hero will start waiting for the cooldown to reset.

Tell your units to only go to a point if it’s not your team.

sorry for replying a lot but why is this error here?

That’s because your artillery was killed. Do not forget to check if it still exists (by simply adding if a:) and it’ll be fine.

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Ohhhhh i always forget that

also i command my artilery to go somewhere but why does it go to my near corner