[Adventurer] Alchemic Power

Desert pet level Alchemic Power is ready for testing.

Use data from the “hear” event to find the best time to fetch a potion.

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I was able to complete this level with the standard gear I had at the time and just entering in the correct code.

When I looked at the leader board however it placed me into the view campaign world screen and not the desert.

Soo, no problem with the level?

@Bryukh Check that. My apologies, I just realized that I had the Sword of the Temple Guard equipped with the other normal gear. So if the player does a major weapon upgrade or adds additional code with something like the Short Sword then the level is passible.

I am still working on my original code with the long sword and complex fight logic. (original config at that point)

Though if the level is not on the main chain, then it offers a challenge, which is ok as far as I can see.

I failed the level with infinity glasses, but succeeded after changing the glasses.

I tested it with “Darksteel blade”.

Ok I just finished the level with my original equipment at that point in the game. It was a good level and with a mild amount of additional code one can pass it even with the longsword / lightning glove.

I submitted a patch for LUA callbacks and some grammar

Since the coffee script isn’t working just yet I could not test out the coffee script callback logic.

Not sure if it is me, but when the event.message is said, my pet tells me “I can’t carry that!”

@Nadario_Seays I think that’s what it says when you use the (“target”) instead of the previously defined (target) isn’t it?


    # verses
    target = # defining code("object")
    if #event:

Sloppy, but I hope it helps.

I have it set to pick up the potion.

def waitFetch(event):
# Find the nearest potion.
potion = pet.findNearestByType("potion")
# If the event's message is "Fetch"
if event.message == 'Fetch':
    # Have the pet fetch the potion.
# Else (for any other messages):
    if event.message != 'Fetch':
        # Return the pet to the red mark.
        pet.moveXY(54 , 34)

potion != 'potion' first is a variable with the object and the second is a string.

Ohhhhh, smh. I get it now.

This code does not work.What’s problem with it?
p.s sorry for my mistakes in English.

I dd it.I wrote wrong keyword.The Fetch! is incorrect of Fetch Can we consider the reference to the wrong Fetch! in the review an error?

I think it’s a problem with the translation. English version of the line 10 is "The pet should fetch…"
So use pet.fetch(item).

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Loved the level! I really liked the different potion effect graphics :smiley:

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