Alchemic Power/pet doesn't fetch

The pet fetches and delivers the first potion but only fetches the second and does not deliver. I have tested this out on several browsers and got the same result on all. I play a warrior and have the best gear in the game. Please fix. Thanks.

Try if event.message==“Fetch” and delete message=event.message

Your solution looks correct. Could you say your nickname in the game so I can check it on your account?

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@Bryukh Lordhandlee is my in game nickname

I copied and pasted and switched off JS to Py so I could use your code. (I’m a Tharin player as well.)

It fetches Gold, Purple and Blue potions for me using your code, with relatively modest equipment.
I look forward to seeing this sorted out for you. Very odd.

@BrokenSyntax I play as Hattori

It’s working now. Whatever you did @Bryukh, I thank you for it.

Looks like a “bad” seed (then the random generator give “unsuccessful” set of ogres, timings etc). I just clicked “submit” which run the level with the new seed. Sorry, for this issue, I will check what I can do to prevent it for players.

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