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[Adventurer] Dangerous Key


Desert level here: Dangerous Key

It’s an additional practice to use pets and event data when you use “hear” events.

P.S.: Leaderboard is tricky, but I think you’ll find how to “collect” a LOT of gold.

P.P.S.: The hint is in the intro message.


Fun, took me a bit to figure out.


# If event.speaker is the paladin:
is a bit misleading.
if event.speaker=="paladin" # is not the solution …


var paladin = pet.findNearestByType("paladin");

it’s a first line in the function.
Also there were three levels about event.speaker before that.

if event.speaker=="paladin" # is not the solution ... because speaker is a thang, not a string. Why it should be a type?


2 solutions:

if event.speaker.type=="paladin":
if event.speaker==paladin:


Three - you can position :wink:


if event.speaker.maxHealth==600:


completed the level without issue

added LUA patch


Thanks, Harry! Patched, merged and saved :slight_smile:


I need help my pet goes to the correct key but it just flys over the key bounce off the wall.


Hm. Interesting. Could you post your code?