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[Adventurer] Distracting Dungeon


Advanced Mountain level is ready for testing: Distracting Dungeon

Another level about peasants building, but this one more specifically focuses on advanced nested while-loops usage. This is a challenging level! But if you follow the comments, hopefully you can come up with the correct code.


Well, the suggested code seems to be a bit over-complicated. It could be solved in more simple way, I guess.

Also, ring of speed breaks the solution: the hero is too fast and is seen & attacked by the brawlers.

Otherwise a nice level.


Interesting level. I needed to tweak the code to complete it, but not impossible.


Was there a missing comment to have the student create a variable for the item? (last loop)


I decided not to include variables for getting the items as you’ll walk over them naturally.

They’re breadcrumbs, basically.


If you chase after the Brawlers, you can still win for some reason idk how i did it


There is a typo on Hint 1, it says “while protecting you peasant friend”. Shouldn’t it be “your”?


it keeps targeting the yeti and it just run into the wall


any ideas to make my hero reach the end


just don’t use twilight glasses then


nothing is working on this level