Please help with distracting dungeon

# Navigate the mountain maze with a peasant pal.
# Advanced while-loop usage is required!

def moveBothTo(point):
    while hero.distanceTo(point) > 1:
        hero.command(peasant, "move", point)

peasant = hero.findNearest(hero.findFriends())
while True:
    # Command your friend to build a decoy towards x + 1:
    hero.command(peasant, "buildXY", "decoy", peasant.pos.x + 2, peasant.pos.y)
    nextPoint = {"x": hero.pos.x, "y": hero.pos.y + 28};
    # Create a new x/y dict +28 units away in the x dir:
    nextPoint = {"x": hero.pos.x + 28, "y": hero.pos.y}
    # Find the nearest enemy:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    # While there is an enemy:
    while enemy:
        # While the enemy's health is > 0:
        while > 0:
            if enemy.type != "yeti":
                # Attack the enemy:
                if hero.isReady("bash"):
        # Update the variable to the next nearest enemy:
        enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()

I then run out of time, and it says that my code is really slow or an infinite loop.

Welcome back @BlackNinja!
Can you send me the link to this level?

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Hmm, this is odd. Even if you complete the code exactly as it says it doesn’t work. Even the solution on the level editor doesn’t work… @Chaboi_3000 any idea why this is happening.
@BlackNinja in the meantime you might have to come up with a more creative solution if the one they set out isn’t working. The current problem with your one is it has “while > 0:” but inside you have “if enemy.type != “yeti”:”. What if the enemy is a yeti? Your while loop won’t end. You could use break (exits out of one while or for loop, so you’d have to do it twice to get out of both.
I can’t remember what I normally do in this level, but at the moment I just chase the brawler.

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I finally solved it by switching all the 'while’s to if statements. Then, at the end I did moveXY to the treasure at the top of the level.


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