[Adventurer] Forest Defense

An ally is trapped inside a box, and you have to clear off the pesky munchkins. Beware, don’t be swarmed! Play here:

Forest Defense


Nice level. A bit like a more interesting leave it to cleaver or something. I like the inclusion of Zana, it’s fun to play along side a cool hero, and it might also make people want the subscription. Clever.
I’m trying to do it with 565 health (which I seem to remember is around the start of forest life:
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 14.20.13
I make it through to the last swarm alright, but the double munchkins get me. I guess it depends on where it would be placed in the campaign.
Very nice level though.


Was pretty easy in my opinion, just had to use a simple code, I started off with 1797 health, and ended with 1141 health. I used Naria


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well this is in the forest, it wouldn’t be so easy if you had the armour when you were in the forest

You have that bomb? You can use it in Restless Dead! But I think that bomb on 4200 gems is better.


I’ll try using that in Restless Dead.


I’ve tested with a simple hero and reached a recommended HP value of ~1000. I think if you kite the munchkins well, then you wouldn’t take much damage.

I got sub-500 with Illia, and definitely could do better. I think the best way you can manage a good survival is let the ogres hit you a few times and then cleave. Chain-lighting also works fine, but that’s also fairly expensive.


Ayy! That’s me in second place! Hmm… why don’t I have a profile picture though?


I’m using my local server, so some images may fail to load.

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Oh, ok!
20 chars

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I managed with and without the Long Sword. I think it is a very good level for Backwoods Forest. I am top of the leaderboards now.

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it is kind of ez since you just need hp and dps 2 timespersecond

Forest Defense is now added to the campaign. To those who have played it before, please submit again to receive gems and XP.

How do you beat this level? More specifically, how do you beat the last two munchin mobs? Cleave doesn’t work. Bombs don’t work…

I balanced this level to ~1000 HP requirement, but it seems like it’s a little high.
@macer1 would you be willing to screenshot your equipment and send it here so I can improve balancing on this level?

um,@Chaboi_3000, could that level be free? also to non subscribers?

It was available for free in the first week to Adventurers, but now it’s subscribers-only.