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[Adventurer] Gem by Gem


Aaaand one more level (yep, I need MORE!) about linked lists: Gem by Gem

Link gems one by one to a linked list to open the door. Also you can use those pretty skeletons for the leaderboard :slight_smile:


Fun level, works well, but seems that all damage done to any skeleton is done to the same skeleton, can’t kill more than one!

As for the heart of the level I think a couple of the comments could be improved for readability, but I didn’t have much trouble completing them.

# The base gem has the type `root-gem`
baseGem = hero.findByType("root-gem")[0]
# All other gems are unlinked
freeGems = hero.findByType("gem")
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Oh, I think I know why (yeah, I need to use closures for loops). Thanks. I’ll fix it ASAP.

Thanks! I’m not native English speakers so I’m grateful for any of your grammar patches/feedbacks.


Hello, I don’t really understand what I am supposed to do

Edit : Okay, after a while I understand how the level is working.
Wery nice level!
There is no bug in the level


nvm I understand now