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[Adventurer] Ingredient Identification


The level Ingredient Identification is available for testing!

It takes place in the dungeon, and is an experiment with introducing the concept of variables in a different way.

If you have any feedback or find any bugs in the level, please respond here!


I like it a lot, I was just wondering why I couldn’t use hero.getCooldown(“bash”) I thought it would be a number but it didn’t complete the level, maybe because it would be 0. Anyway I like the level a lot. :grin:


Finished the level. No bugs found.


Same here (#Good level)


For all these values the level didn’t pass

var alolol = "faults"; // OK
// var blolol = someVariableName;
// var blolol =;
var blolol = hero.distanceTo(Vector(0,0));

but the pet knows the right answer.


If you define a variable as the same as another variable or used predefined functions that return values, the level says you fail.


In the HINTS can be noted that these pots can contain only strings and numbers. The level passes if you put in a variable logical true and fails with false . If your code is:

var someVariableName = "a string";
var lolol = 42;
var olol = 'ooh';
var lolol = true;

I like the idea as introduction to variables, but the level needs fine-tuning.


Thanks for all of the feedback!

I fixed the level so it will accept falsey values.


var same_var = “a string”;
var same_var = 42;
var same_var = true;
var same_var = false;

Is that expected?
I have a suggestion for making the level less error-prone and instructive for beginners.
Enforced unique declaration of variable. Pots contain: first: numeric value; second: string; third: Boolean value; fourth: null

var varStr = "a string";
var varNum = 42;
var varBool = true;
var varNull = null;

var func = function() {

var arr = {firstName: "Bob", lastName: "Zealot"};
are both invalid, not sure if it’s a bug or if anonymous functions and associative arrays just aren’t implimented in CC.



Bob :slight_smile: anonymous functions are implemented!


Cool nice! :stuck_out_tongue: