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[Adventurer] Kelvintaph Trilogy


First level introduces you to timing using sapphire sense stone using get cooldown method. This level I recommend using boss star 4 but 3 is fine. First level.

Here’s the second level. Quite easy looking but it requires defend command. The archers will take out the palisades so wait for the ogres to destroy the firewall and then attack. Second level.

At last our third and the last level: Kelvintaph Aquaception. This level requires find hazards function and making the ogres get to the mines not your paladin. third level

I would love a rating:

  • Great!
  • OK.
  • Bad(please give me some feedback)

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Feedbacks are welcome! The first level is nearly done but the other 2 is still in development.
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Okay, I just finished all of it. By the way, I need some REALLY difficult ones, because as for the second and third levels, I only did:

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:


Using what hero @Seojin_Roy_Lee?


Pender. (20 characters)


Try the second level again.


Dude. You really added 11 witches?

has went to this:


… How exactly are you supposed to beat the level now?


Try again( 20 Characters)


I don’t see those extra witches. @Chaboi_3000 Really cool levels that you made :slightly_smiling_face: but on the first level where is the trapper?


The witches. In the first level.


You mean second level because the screenshot was screenshot in the second level.


Also in the third level when the witch turn to it normal size the yeti didn’t attack the witch :confused: Also when the witch attack the griffin rider the griffin rider didn’t take any damage and the message in the third level doesn’t make sense # Kill the water you escape.


And now you subtracted 8 witches. How tactical


Sorry I was testing which will work best.


I can’t play the first level. It keeps on giving error, and resetting the level doesn’t work.


Thanks @ironhead! It was some kind of referee error that caused thangs to overlap. @maka, @Bryukh, and @Catsync do you think you guys can fix this?


The most of thangs don’t have some of default components, For example floor tiles don’t have Layer component. What have (and why) you’ve done that? In the editor the level looks scary.


Can you help me fix it @Bryukh?


I don’t know why you’ve set the level type “campaign”. I’ve returned it.