[Adventurer] Kelvintaph Bombardment

The Five Evil Ogre Shamans are here to destroy you!

Each of the shamans can summon a different type of ogre. the 2 shamans on the ends can summon scouts, the 2 shamans near the ends summon fangriders, and the middle shaman summons burls. :open_mouth:

However, you do have 5 professional bombarders on your side to help you survive the onslaught. However, they don’t know where to shoot! Your guidance is key in surviving the onslaught

Try to survive! :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the level.

By the way, the shamans are killable, but they are very hard to kill.

Looks like a great level. how to guide the artillery tho? do we just say the xy position? :frowning:

use attackPos (I gave the hero permission to use “attackPos”)

Edit: thought I gave the hero permission but I didn’t. Now i added it. (Didn’t know cuz I have Boss Star IV which gives permission to use “attackPos” anyway)

Do I really have to do this? This will be a pain but I will ban all weapons if I have to
@Chaboi_3000 is there a way to ban equipment by categories

Edit the level.
Go to Settings
Add Required Properties and require the buildXY property.

Hammers will be required and only hammers will be allowed.

Ah thanks that would ban weapons. Thanks maka :smiley: