[Adventurer] Key Stack

Here is a new educational level: Key Stack.

It’s a demo level to introduce you with stacks. The peasant there can carry several items at once. Use it to open all doors one by one without walking over and back.

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Cool concept, but I felt cheated that I had to sacrifice the peasant in order to get the chests. Did I miss a trick?

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Jump, Ritic or Mimic. And the peasant of course :slight_smile: However your comment gave me an idea. I’ll add an optional goal to save the peasant. Thanks!


Nice and simple level about stacks! Super easy for a Glacier level :slight_smile: Of course, there might be harder levels about stacks soon…

A tiny, trivial question:
No hidden Easter eggs this time? :cry:

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I think no. Sorry.

It’s more “course” level than usual challenges in glacier. I suppose in the future we will rearrange levels and their order in late stages of the game.


Not in i18n:
Bonus: The peasant must survive

Just make sure you remove your ring of speed :smiley:

I can do it with the ring of speed without problems.

I always have the issue with “sliding” after a jump…

Try to use moveXY after the jump

After looting the first chest I try to jump between the fire traps and I always die. Used moveXY after the jump. I also tried to jump toward the door, but failed to survive. Boots of Leaping, Anya. Don’t want to sacrifice my peasant. Ideas, maybe the coordinates must obey some ratio I cannot grasp by trial and error?