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[Adventurer] Key Stack


Here is a new educational level: Key Stack.

It’s a demo level to introduce you with stacks. The peasant there can carry several items at once. Use it to open all doors one by one without walking over and back.


Cool concept, but I felt cheated that I had to sacrifice the peasant in order to get the chests. Did I miss a trick?


Jump, Ritic or Mimic. And the peasant of course :slight_smile: However your comment gave me an idea. I’ll add an optional goal to save the peasant. Thanks!


Nice and simple level about stacks! Super easy for a Glacier level :slight_smile: Of course, there might be harder levels about stacks soon…

A tiny, trivial question:
No hidden Easter eggs this time? :cry:


I think no. Sorry.

It’s more “course” level than usual challenges in glacier. I suppose in the future we will rearrange levels and their order in late stages of the game.


Not in i18n:
Bonus: The peasant must survive


Just make sure you remove your ring of speed :smiley:


I can do it with the ring of speed without problems.


I always have the issue with “sliding” after a jump…


Try to use moveXY after the jump


After looting the first chest I try to jump between the fire traps and I always die. Used moveXY after the jump. I also tried to jump toward the door, but failed to survive. Boots of Leaping, Anya. Don’t want to sacrifice my peasant. Ideas, maybe the coordinates must obey some ratio I cannot grasp by trial and error?