Cheating in Key Stack (Glacier)

You could just cast the peasant immortality and then use the peasant to set off traps

Is this intentional?

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Can you post the link?

Have you unlocked the glaciers?

Here it is - CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript?

Also, I don’t want to use pender because she has too little hp.

Yes, i finished all the levels

Well, you doesn’t get bonus

You do, just cast immortal to the peasant and the peasant will survive :grinning:
it do

Well, you did a great job

The same thing applies to the almost perfect minefield, apply the immortal to the peasant and then use summon undead to trigger the mine and to keep a distance from the mines to minimize the damage done to you.

Use Ritic if you can

I don’t have ritic bc he is too expensive (29000 gem).

Then how did you pass the level of ritic

I don’t have Ritic too, but I use other heros to pass it

I didn’t, you can progress on without playing that level, it’s kind of an optional level :sweat_smile:.

Well, I can tell you!

I jumped over the fire traps for the first chest and then triggered them with a soldier after I had some money, but yeah, you could do this too :]