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[Adventurer] Seeing Is Believing


The level Seeing is Believing is ready for playtesting.

This level is in the Game Dev 1 campaign, it introduces the ui.track() command for showing game information to the player.

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Python default code

hero = game.spawnHeroXY(20, 20, "samurai")

In description

game.spawnHeroXY("captain", 24, 37)

And there some problem. Hero moving, but not attacking.


In Game Dev levels you make a game, and then play the game. To play the game you click on enemies to attack them.


Nice level.

weird, looks like both of these work

hero = game.spawnHeroXY(20,20,"samurai")
hero = game.spawnHeroXY("samurai",20,20)

but not this (I had to try)

hero = game.spawnHeroXY(20,"samurai",20)

and this just ignores the last 2 arguments

hero = game.spawnHeroXY(20,20,"samurai",40,40)

Thanks for the reports!

I’ve fixed the spawnHeroXY argument order to be the intended way :slight_smile:

Not sure about the not attacking - it seems to be working okay for me. The usual cause of not being able to move/attack with the hero in Game Dev is if the student uses spawnXY instead of spawnHeroXY for the hero.


Ah, I see the problem.

The comment said to change the hero’s attack but it should’ve said attackDamage.

It looks like you did hero.attack = 20000.

Try using hero.attackDamage instead. I’ve updated the comments to be more correct.


Yes. Thats it. Thanks.