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Game Developement 1, Level 14, Character not Moving

Game Development 1, Level 14
In this level, the character is not moving when I click it to a certain position. For all of the other levels, this worked fine.
I believe this is not a problem with my code, but here it is.

player = game.spawnXY("champion", 15, 35)
player.attackDamage = 190
player.maxSpeed = 10 = 2000
game.spawnXY("x-mark-stone", 60, 35)
generator = game.spawnXY("generator", 39, 55)
game.spawnXY("lightstone", 24, 36)

I cannot attack either. HELP!

Hi @wyattbaek, welcome to the forum.
It took me a while to find it, but here’s the line causing the error:

What are you spawning? Is there are special spawn method for that type of thing?

@Deadpool198 No, when I try it with all of the other characters, it seems to not work either.

That’s not what I was suggesting. Theres a method called game.spawnHeroXY(), which is different to game.spawnXY().

@Deadpool198 Thank you so much! It finally worked! I was stuck on this level for days.