AI League Season 1 End, Infinite Inferno and Blazing Battle Rankings, Season 2 Start

Infinite Inferno and Blazing Battle are now snapshotted, and we’re starting to work through the final rankings simulations, so barring some mistake in the new tournament ranking system that would require us to take another snapshot, the submissions are now closed. Thanks for playing, everyone! I anticipate that it will take us later into May to fully run all the matches and prepare the rankings and awards.

We certainly learned a lot from this new AI League tournament implementation, and I’m looking forward to doing a smoother Season 2. The next regular season arena, Mages’ Might, is still in development and will start to show up for you later in May as well. The Sorcerer’s Blitz championship arena will follow it in August.


Wow! Cool! I’m looking forward to it :smiley: ! (20 chars are also really liking the concept)

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Would you know when we can play the new arena

I think it might say. But I’m looking forward to sorcery! (I like using wizards)

I have never used wizards before (except in zero sum). I am very excited!

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Thank you for organizing this tournament. It was a lot of fun to participate.

@nick, Why do the tournament age ranges overlap? How does the code decide who goes into what range if they are on the border?

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Oh, and I’ve heardof this Mages Might hting. I’m sorry si this is wrong, but soemtimes I like to see users and their levels to do some other levels that I’ve never heard of

This level was one of them

Oh, and

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Is sorcerer’s blitz in level editor? I did not see it.

No, sometimes i like to go into other peoples profiles in coco then see any levels to do

same here
(20 chars want to play sorcerer’s blitz)

The code is here. Mostly aiming to correspond roughly with birthday/age cutoffs for elementary, middle, and high school in the US.

Thank you for the explanation nick. This may need some tweaking.

As a point of reference, we live in Washington state and the age cut off for elementary school is based off age on August 31st, so age bracket adjustment happening while there is no grade change at school is confusing. Elementary school goes on till end of June.

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We’re updating the algorithm for these age brackets (now with unit tests!) and should soon have it working such that the age bracket is dependent on what the age/school grade will be at the end of the current season, not today’s date.


I see that the league page no longer says ranking is in progress. Is there any news on the final rankings of Infinite Inferno?

Thanks for your patience; we are aiming to post the leaderboards and tournament championship and awards video soon, likely today. Stay tuned!


When does the Sorcerer’s Blitz season end

By the 31st of August, like in 3 days

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