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What is your opinion for mage’s fight?

i think it’s mages might

and it isn’t ready yet i think im pretty sure that’s an ultra like fire-ultra that isn’t ready yet

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When is Sorcers’s Blitz launching

this is sorcerers blitz mages = sorcerers.

Sorcerer’s Blitz will be the month of August.

oh so mages might is just the warm up like infinite inferno?

Yeah. For all arenas there’ll be a starting arena(ie. Mage’s Might, Blazing Battle) and a championship arena(Infinite Inferno, Sorcerer’s Blitz) which is a scaled-up version of the starting arena counterpart.

Yup. Note also that Sorcerer’s Blitz is going to be much closer to Mages’ Might than Infinite Inferno was to Blazing Battle (bigger and badder rather than different), so it’ll be a very direct warmup.


So will Colussus Clash be just like Giants’ Gate, like Sorcerer’s Blitz and Mages Might, or Infinite Inferno and Blazing Battle?

We haven’t started designing that level yet, but the rough plan would be for it to be an extension of Giant’s Gate that allows for more advanced strategies, more like how Sorcerers was related to Mages’ Might than how Infinite Inferno was related to Blazing Battle.

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