All about Pong Pong


is it possible to attack in 6 lines?


this is my code and it has 7 lines

{had to delete it. No solutions}


Where do you find the concept challenge levels? Which campaign?

Edit: oh you need subscription :frowning:


Hint: Read the hints…


Spoilers! :wink:
[20 chars]


I made it free while it in adventurer mode.


You can. Especially if you read the hints.


my code has 6 lines but it says that it has more than 6 lines.


DM your code to me please.


Do you mean PM? (20)


Yep, DM - Direct Message.


How many concept challenge levels are there? @Bryukh


4 levels. 3 are published. One more will be published soon. We made them several months ago and stopped production of levels like that (we called them open ended levels). Maybe if we will see that they are popular then we will make more OE levels.


I like them a lot (I’m giving a reactions to see if the OE levels are popular or not.)


Also, how come when I try to directly play the level (instead of clicking it in the campaign), it shows that you need a subscription?