[Adventurer] Pong Pong

Here is a new concept challenge level for early Dungeon concepts. This level was made by our Senior Artisan @Catsync !

Pong Pong

Juggle fireballs with a wand and a pet :wink:

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6 lines of code validation fails. I can post the code if you need.

As I see, the editor automatically add the 7th empty line. And I cant remove it!

[Removed as a spoiler, I’ve copied it, thanks {Bryukh}]

Nope. It’s not empty line problem. The editor doesn’t count them and comments. I’ll check. Thanks

Hm, looks like it’s a problem with Python code engine. Your solution works nice in JS. I suppose, in Python 3*i counts as an additional statement (line). There is another solution in 6 lines.

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ok. I’ll try another

I changed goal requirements so now it’s “7 lines”.

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I gessed Pender and Wolfy playing, but Wolfy cannot even bark!

This is a level from the early dungeon. So it could be solved in concept which are get there. Try to think a newbie :slight_smile:

@Bryukh even though it says i did it in 7 lines it still wont give me the gems and experience. Why?

Could you send me your code by direct message?

OK sure (i beat kelvintaph defiler yay)

I got the same issue of not getting the reward for 7 lines or less.
Python editor displays a 7th or 8th empty line (depending on the solution), but the thingy on the top left that keeps track of goals says that I did code it in 7 lines or less.

Let me know if you want my code by DM as well.

Nevermind, I named a enemy wrong.

Same issue here. (20 characters)
I get the bonus when playing the level, but then I don’t get the rewards for the bonus.

Hi @Bryukh, i would like to ask regarding
“I DON’T HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN!” achievement. I fulfilled all the mission by having 7 lines but i did not achieve the I DON’T HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN! achievement, how do I get this achievement?

BTW, its a fun level to play :wink:

@badaza @G-Dragon could you DM me your code? I will investigate a problem. Thanks!

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Done, thanks a lot. 20charac

I think I’ve found the issue. I’ve fixed it and returned the “6 lines” goal. Changes will be delayed for few hours (cache) or you could use direct.codecombat.com (slower but without cache)

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Any way, I found 4 lines solution