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All levels past Peasant Protection are locked


I’ve completed all levels and can’t continue. I can access them by typing in the level name in the address bar only.


We are working on this bug, but we still haven’t found it. For now, typing in the level name in the address bar is an okay workaround.


In Shield Rush the player gets “Wooden Glasses”, but in Peasant Protection (the next level) the player cannot load any glasses, including the Crude Glasses that were used in Shield Rush. Without the Glasses the player cannot use findNearestEnemy that is required to complete that level.


Not sure why, but I tried the level this morning, and I was able to equip the glasses and finish the level.


I think we have fixed a lot of things with this, so give it another try. If you still don’t have an item or level you need, trying playing the level again that should have given it to you, which should force a refresh with the server.