Sarven Gaps - Why?{SOLVED}

Hi guys,
i need help for this level… i dont understand why my code don’t work fine.

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Hi @lollo58, Welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse.
Make sure you’re wearing the “crude glasses” (I think they’re one of the first glasses you get so you should have them) otherwise you see the ogres from far away.
I hope this fixes your problem, if it doesn’t, could you describe your problem precisely.
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Ah ok… with crude glass work fine :slight_smile:
thanks Deadpool198

@Deadpool198, does this level only work with Crude Glasses?

No, it works with all glasses except twilight glasses (as far as I can see).
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Ha. Ha. Fun-ny (20000000)

@Deadpool198 Your vision is 20/20.

Crude glasses - Yes
Wooden Glasses - Yes
Fine Wooden Glasses - Yes
Mahogany Glasses - Yes
Hardened Steel Glasses - Yes
KithGard Worker’s Glasses - Yes
Crude Telephoto Glasses - Yes
Fine Telephoto Glasses - Yes
Enchanted Lenses - Yes
Twilight Glasses - NO (because you can see through things, you see the enemies too early and you place the fence in a bad place)
Even with hardcoding the X coordinate, the hero won’t stop building the fence in that one place.

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Thanks. I’ll submit a patch to fix this issue. :slight_smile:
Edit: Done

Your patch had a single problem. You wrote:
Restricted Properties->Glasses->Twilight Glasses,
But there’s no such group called glasses, so it won’t restrict it. If you look at my patch, it’s in the group called eyes, not glasses. You can check the “group” of the thang in components->slots in the thang editor. For example, twilight glasses is in the slot called eyes. I recommend you withdraw your patch because it might confuse the level authors.

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Who all can enter patches? Is that in the level editor?

You have to sign the CLA, then you can submit a patch in the level editor.

Ah, thanks. I’ll remember that. :grin:
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