All my progress is gone from Ozaria update?!

Hello, guys! What happened? Suddenly code combat was updated and then all my progress has been eaten, even shows that Anti-Gravity & Solar Skirmish is gone now!

@Venneth , @Chaboi_3000
Sorry for pinging, but I think this is pretty urgent for all the users out there.

even dungeons of kithard is broken

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Ah, found the problem.

Seems like you need to change from an individual account to a Student / Teacher, which will need a class code and delete all my progress. :frowning:

Reported this to the team and this should be fixed, very sorry and apologies for the inconvenience

Thank you, all works fine.

On anti-gravity:

Sorry if out of topic.

Hmm, can you specify when did this error triggered? I tried doing it but no error appeared,
also let’s move this to the anti-gravity discussion topic