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I lost all my progress

I am signed in but I have no progress. Was there an update?

@Chaboi_3000, could you help?

And I’m pretty sure that when an update happens, it doesn’t erase everyone’s progress.

@James_Pfiffner did you happen to press “reset account” in the settings? Otherwise no progress should be lost.

Also, can you check that you’re signed into the correct account?

@Chaboi_3000 it says I need to make a class or join one

What’s your username? I can check.

pfiffner.578 is my username

It seems like you accidentally converted yourself into a student. I converted you back to campaign-mode.


I got some of my progress but not all

@Chaboi_3000 you still here

I’m not sure how much progress you lost, but I don’t think I can recover whatever you lost.