Alternative games?

Talking to my brother, he recalled he have seen LightBot. I recall only Logo. But there are many others I haven’t even seen yet. I’ll list just a few:

Anyone else have experience with alternatives? Which one is your favorite? Which one comes closer to Code Combat?

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I’m proud that I know 5 of them. I want to add Tile-Factory, which is not directly about programming, but still about logic and circuits.

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Quite cool game indeed! :star2:

I find it hard to separate programming from logic more than any other real thing.


The Machinist-Fabrique

If you’re interested in .NET programming, you might like Code of Tanks, a live PvP tank battle game, brand new as of this writing. It does require some fundamental .NET programming knowledge, but other than that it’s pretty simple: you create or join a room with other players, get your AI ready and pick your tanks, and watch the battle live from anywhere in 3-D. It’s in Beta and anyone can try it out:

No tournaments or contests yet, but live battles can be had any time. As a new product you may not find many competitors online when you are, but as more people discover it we hope to have rooms running around the clock. Until then you can just get some friends to play at the same time and run matches.

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Randomly just found a very similar-ish one:
It’s much simpler and, as such, much much harder to begin playing.

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