Giving out fun!

I’m giving out some fun!
If you want to play any level, give me the idea, and I’ll make it for you, and send you the link!

Have you ever made a game for beginners?

What about a “beam puzzle” like in Portal? For example, the hero will command certain units that can warp the beam and work it so that the beam reaches a certain “goal” point. :slight_smile:


@enPointe77. Your fun package is ready!
This shouldn’t be hard.
Just defeat the witch and the brawler.
And just a heads up, target the witch first.

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My best attempt at your fun package is ready!
You get a zapper, who shoots deadly beams.
There are ogres in a room, that has no door.
Use attack pos, to make the zappers deadly beam eradicate the ogres.

a RNG puzzle you have only 5 seconds to beat a random enemy from an hp 500 scout to a hp 1 cheftitan

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I’m sorry @Chaboi_3000
I was stupid and forgot the link.
Here is the link.


I’m wondering if you could make like a team vs team thing, where first player chooses move first, than second player chooses move second, until the end of the battle.

So it’s basically chess?
I could make a level where heroes get an equal ammount of gold to summon troops, and try ti defeat the other hero by commanding and summoning wisely…

Ok, even though I was thinking there would be players on a team that you control, and you get to command your units to do specific actions, like block or defend, and they do it to the corresponding team on the other side, but not until the other player has chosen their moves.

There can only be 2 players.
IDK, i can make one where they both get identical armies, and you need to command them wisel, against a player opponent

Have you tried looking at battle of red cliffs?

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