Anonymous players access levels I can't?

I’m really confused. I have an account and I’ve finished the first island. I’m still missing ten levels? After talking it over with my teacher I went anonymous to see if I could access the hidden levels. Guess what, I could. -.- What do I do??

@Gwyneth_Faelene I am not an expert on this, but there is a difference between the student account and the general account. If you are using a student account, perhaps this is something that the teacher can “open up” access for the class for the other levels?

The levels may also not be the same for the classroom lessons as are for the general account.

When you are playing the game in the general mode (which is what anonymous should be) then you would have access to these.

Which levels from the Kithgard Dungeon campaign (island) are you trying to access? Perhaps I could assist with those directly.

It sounds like you’re comparing the Dungeon (the first island in the individual / home version of the game) with the first course.

The courses are designed to be taught in a Classroom space and we’ve removed levels that we think may not contribute to that. We track several metrics to see how each level is performing in courses and update those courses as we see potential issues. If we see that many students struggle with a particular level, we may:

  • Try to reword the instructions
  • Try to make it easier
  • Insert a new level in front of the levels where users are struggling to better introduce a new concept
  • Move the level to later in the course
  • Move the level to a later course
  • Replace the level with a new level teaching the same concept
  • Remove the level from the course

Levels that are replaced or removed may still remain in the individual/home version of CodeCombat.

You can access these if you’re anonymous (though some may also be subscriber only, in which case you may need a paid account). If you want to play levels outside the courses, we suggest you create a secondary account (with another email address).

TLDR: Not all levels are in the courses. Create a second account to play the non-Classroom version of CodeCombat.

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