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Anti-Gravity is now live!
Feel free to use this post as a discussion place ( abiding the rules of the discourse of course)


So exciting!!! How fast do you think it will take for it to fill up with players?

@Venneth There seem to be some issues with the push force. Here is a spectate link CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript
Starting around 48 seconds it happens 2 times in lane 1

Nooooooooo. You beat me to it Venneth. I should have been quicker.

I was also going to try to make a topic but when I finished the title, I saw this one.

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May I ask why do my opponents have a haste but I do not

thx :slightly_smiling_face:

By the issues you mentioned, do you mean by the push force not working/ reversing? I think this entry might explain it

I think haste is available for everyone,
if it doesnt work after casting you can let me know

Sorry, My Bad. I didnt read the hints clearly :sweat_smile:

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By The way theres a typo in the hints

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Fixed, thanks!
20 chars

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Hey @Venneth, I in my list of wins and losses it shows that I lost to SharkyCombat but when I spectated the match, it wasn’t even close to him winning. I keep seeing this problem where you actually win but it marks it as a loss.

Hi, Johnathon. Thats me. I think that I ranked my code again just so noone sees my tactic

That may be true but out of 11 losses, only three where actual losses.

I spectated all of my losses.

lol, “zero” gravity mode is just too OP

So, @SharkyCombat0, you’re waiting for the end to show your “GOOD” code?

idk if its a good code but yeah

You must be decent if you’re in the top 50 in Anti-Gravity and Fierce Forces. Better than me at least.

I do better at the Anti-Gravity than Fierce Forces.

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