Desert Dispute released!

A key trading village in the Sarven Desert has been mysteriously abandoned by its occupier. Two other modernized forces emerge to capture it.
Summon and command units, capture control points, and defeat the enemy in close quarters battles!

I’ve tested the level a bit, but please comment if you encounter any bugs or have balance recommendations.


Not that big of a bug but I instantly found a bug with the default source for javascript :skull:

The default source looks like this:

When it should be this:
Screenshot 2024-01-07 7.28.28 PM

Not sure if that’s supposed to happen but I submitted a patch anyway.

Yeah that’s not intentional lol I’m gonna patch in as well as fixing the control points spawning the coin everywhere.
Whoops I broke it but I can’t fix it tonight. Should be fixed tomorrow.

now we say goodbye to top 10 fierce forces rank :sob:

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this probably isnt intentional, as you can see, i won against piano zombie and it says incomplete :neutral_face:


I think I’ve fixed most of the bugs, but I haven’t found a way to do the mirroring yet.

I LOVE the game, amazing job!!!

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Even better than the official arena! They should use this next season!

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why doesnt my code save? even 1st place does nothing

i beat @ChickenMaster and when i joined back bc i had a loss to him , my code changed to this

:heart: Thanks!

Lol that’s not true (not yet, at least… hehehehe) it has so many bugs and needs a lot of changes

Should be fixed now; I patched the generators by using programming.plan, which I guess interferes with the heroes as well. They spawn coins less often but with the same gold per second now.

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For the mirroring, I’m considering switching to hero-ladder like it is in Zero Sum. The mirroring in other arenas has been done by using special components, which I obviously can’t edit, and their dimensions are different so I can’t just use the mirroring aspect either.
I attempted to write my own mirroring code using the referee but had no luck. Poll?
Should I switch the level type to hero-ladder?

  • Yes (Red and Blue code will be seperate)
  • No (Will try to get referee working)
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Edit: forgot Ace of Coders is also just a ladder level, not hero-ladder

No presure @JustALuke if you can’t get the mirroring working.


I haven’t figured out why the the bug below is happening; will try to patch it tomorrow.

I’m probably going to decide whether to change to hero-ladder after I fix it.

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The admins saw your comment in your code on your arena. I think they thought it was a joke. I also saw your amoung us pic in your code. Lol

Yep, this is the way it should be :wink:

Hey @iggymaster99 , beat me:

Bet you can’t. win. Like at all

I’m sorta busy right now but don’t wory ill get around to it for sure. :saluting_face:

nick is in desert dispute