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Arrgh! Identifying enemy types in Harrowland


Ok, I have beat the level, but my code is not performing as expected. There are four types of enemies, and a total nine enemies. 1 - Ogre Hero, 2 - sand-yaks, 2 - archers, 4 - soldiers. I confirmed this enemy types with:

enemies = self.findEnemies

for next in enemies:

The code returned Knight, sand-yak, archer and soldier though not in that order.

I have tried several sorting strategies to attack the soldiers, but my Hero always ignores them. I tried sorting with ‘soldiers’ and I tried sorting with exclusoin. The exclusion code is listed below. Why is my code ignoring the soldiers?

# Use your cleverest programming tricks to outwit and overpower your opponent!
enemies = self.findEnemies()
archers = []
others = []
booger = None

for enemy in enemies:
    if enemy.type is 'archer':
    # This should have create an array with 6 elements - 2 archers and 4 soldiers.
    elif enemy.type is not 'sand-yak' and is not "Hero Placeholder 1":
    elif is "Hero Placeholder 1":
        booger = enemy

for next in archers:
    while > 0:
        self. attack(next)

for next in others:        
    while > 0:

if booger:
    while > 0:
self.say("I picked my Booger")


Well, does your hero finish attacking and killing all of the archers? Your code states that your hero must kill the archers before attacking the soldiers.


He kills the archers then he attacks the knight. He ignores the sand-yaks, as he should, and he ignores the soldiers. Actually, I am assuming they are are soldiers even though they look like little archers for two reasons. 1) The sort for archer skips them and 2) my code reports that I have got an enemy.type of soldier.


I got it to work if I put it all in a loop and changed your attacking statements to:

if len(archers):
    enemy = findNearest(archers)
elif len(others):
   do stuff here

you can check to see if a list is empty by using if len(archers) or if archers[0]

You will still need to command your archers to win the level though.

There was something fishy going with sorting algorithm as it was only returning lists with a length of 2, even though I could see more than 2 archers, soldiers, ect and had glasses with infinite see distance. I am going to blame the compiler or enemies appearing a split second after the start of the level.


In a lot of levels the enemies only appear in the second game frame. Use a wait() or a move of 0.1m to make your hero wait a bit, then read the enemies

Putting everything inside the loop as Hinkle suggested is even better


Hey Hinkle,

Thank you very much for the help. You’ve stated that I still need to command my archers to win this level, so I posted my question about command. Do I have to earn the Boss Star before I can win this level?



No, but commanding (and summoning) help a lot. You also use your special abilities. Bashing works well.

If fact, you can beat the level with a ranger just by unequipping all your armor and throwing something at the enemy hero. Note that this will probably give you a bad score in the rankings though.