i don’t know if this is a bug but I can just move my pet with this code

# Collect mushrooms.

# First, come to the wolf pet and wake up it (say).
pet.moveXY(72, 34)

although then I just die from the second thrower

wait i just realized does the pets have inf health?

It’s not a bug, that’s just one of the wolfs functions. It’s also not the main purpose of the level. I don’t see any problem with anyone doing that, as long as you complete the rest of the level.

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The wolf isn’t awake, so you have to move to the wolf and wake it.

not really it was sleepwalking for me lol(nice avatar change tho)

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Lol, but the main thing is the wolf is awake enough to catch arrows for you.
P.S. Thanks!

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