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Backwoods Bombardier Trouble


I cannot seem to get my cannon to fire. Here’s the code I’m trying to use, but it’s not making any sense to me. My first problem is that I can’t seem to reveal any of the coordinates I need to bomb. Secondly, my cannon is not getting the commands to fire. Any suggestions to get me going in the right direction?

while (true) {

var enemy = this.findNearestEnemy();
if(enemy) {
    var pos = enemy.pos;
    x = enemy.pos.x;
    y = enemy.pos.y;
    // say the x and y position separated by a comma
    this.say( 62 +"," +51);
} else {
    this.say("Cease" + " Fire!");



Is your hero saying anything?

I’m guessing he says ‘Cease Fire!’ then you get an error about needing a target.

You are attempting to throw at an enemy that doesn’t exist. Or does the level start with enemies already on the screen?


My hero says “Fire” and the coordinates “62,51”. The 3 enemies are on the screen already.


I got it resolved through some troubleshooting and guesswork! My corrections were at the end…

    this.say("Cease" + " Fire!");
 //   this.throw(enemy);