Backwoods Forest - Useful Competitors bug

I’m sure I have the right code, given that it works most of the time, but often fails, for some reason, to collect all of the items.

Is this intentional to get me to purchase speed boosting items or is it a bug?

It is probably due to your glasses’ range. Your won’t collect coins on the other side of the map if your hero can’t see that far.

Thanks for the help, but that isn’t it; items always spawn on the left hand side of the map, enemies always enter from the right side and my hero always collects items and attacks enemies successfully, just not quick enough sometimes.

We don’t have any levels designed to force you to upgrade except the early one that is just about teaching you that we have items (you have to buy armor for more hit points).

What do you mean when you say your hero is “just not quick enough sometimes”?

Are you failing to get the coins because an ogre got one?