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CoinCrumbs Bug?

So on the level CoinCrumbs in BackWoods Forest, it really is a simple level. Yet when i input the proper coding, all i have to do is add in a moveXY() command, so i’m 100% sure it’s correct, it runs into problems.

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Runs into… what problems? What does it do? Does it give you an error, or does it stop somewhere? If so, where does it stop?

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It doesn’t really stop or give me an error, it simply walks the wrong direction, into the chest of gems and explosives, instead of walking to the nearest coin as it should.

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You’re walking to itemX and itemY by using moveXY, not move, right? Just making sure. It might be a bug or a gear problem

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This is where the problem really arises, notice the hero going to the box of gems instead of the coin below it.

Try this - unequip ALL gear except for your glasses and +2 boots. No speed ring. Then change to a basic hero (like Anya), and run it again. If it doesn’t work again, press SUBMIT anyway.

If it STILL doesn’t work, try different (but still powerful) glasses if you have them already.

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Works, thank you. ^^

No problem.

This is still a glitch, though. It shouldn’t be gear-dependent. Maybe we can get @Bryukh or someone else to take a look at some point.

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Let me guess - twilight glasses or Enchanted lenses?

Yessir, but they both have the proper function, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s a problem because you see through walls and chest can be “closer” than coins. This is early forest level. Twilight glasses is high-tier equipment and as with any high-tier equipment (hi-tech) it’s supposed that you know how to handle it. It’s like to give a complex sniper rifle to recruits :slight_smile:

Ah, i see where this is coming from, makes sense now. Thank you kindly^^