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Bear, Fox and Pugicorn are available


I used to have around 71865 now i have 59275 gems


You just answered your question :slight_smile:

Now I know how much the next tier can cost :japanese_ogre:


@Bryukh, I know what you are thinking, and I can tell you that it is NOT a good idea. :wink:

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agreed @SuperSmacker . bryukh is going to make pets that cost like more than ritic!

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@Bryukh, it would be nice if the new pets that cost trillions of gems could be purchased by all players, not just subscribers :smiley:


Is that supposed to be a joke, or are you serious?

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I’m serious. I’m not a subscriber. I want a cute pet but there wouldn’t be much of a point in subscribing since I already know all the concepts. I don’t want to waste money but I want a cute pet… I’m stuck in between :sob:


I mean it has to be around 10k to make it special.

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but gift of the trees is… oh wait. that’s subscriber only. oops. but its still 11,000 gems!!!


Lol (20 characters) …


since there aren’t any new levels, I can’t get those pets. :rage::tired_face::thinking::scream::exploding_head::weary::sob::cry::confused:


You could simulate for gems


ot do repayable levels


i do replayable, but my strategies are trash :cry:


I just want to complain that like 41 is kinda like the max level. You cant get that much more xp to go to 42


Unless you simulate in ladders


but eventually you will gain like 0.0000000000001 xp from like 10,000,000 games


Not really you get around 7000 or 9000 and get’s higher


No I think @I_can_rob_you is right, Nick said it somewhere, the number of simulations and the number of xp and gems are a curve which starts going up slowly so you get a lot of gems and simulations then the curve gets steeper and steeper and you get less and less until you barely get any at all, look it up on the discourse and I think someone actually made the curve. Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games

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Well if you set up like 20 supercomputers in your basement, that might be easy.

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