Pugicorn in Sarven Desert

I showed my 10yo daughter (player name, phoreal) the pugicorn in the Sacred Grove level yesterday. She will die if she doesn’t get one soon but she’s only on level 34. In the items list it says the pugicorn doesn’t unlock until level 66. 66? Really? Is that right?

I’m only on level 37 and can’t even imagine how long it’s going to take to get to level 66. Is there some other level or way to unlock this creature that can kill with cuteness?

No, you have to wait until level 66, I am sorry. Yes, Pugicorn is good, but tell your daughter that Pugicorn isn’t the best pet. I think baby griffin is, but also, just look me up, I only have the pets you unlock when you subscribe, and I have completed glacier(almost), my username is: I can rob you

Well, lvl. 66 is currently impossible to reach unless you hack of course, but lvl. 66 is made to forbid players from buying the lvl 66 items. But I can tell you that pugicorn can only “Charm” enemies not kill them, but I think combat of pets might be available later in the game. :smiley_cat:

Level 66 is not impossible. Keep beating the replayable levels, and you will get there eventually.