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Bear, Fox and Pugicorn are available


The new pets are available at the item store. Yes, they are expensive, but they cost so because their abilities are awesome and can seriously help you.

The Blue Fox can shapeShift and lure enemies.
The Polar Bear can freeze enemies around itself.
Aaaaaaan the Pugicorn! This pet is just mega uber duper puper cute.

Ok. It was a joke. No, of course, the Pugicorn is cute. However, it has the powerful rainbow ability to charm enemies who will protect the cutest pet.


Everything looks great! I like the Polar Bear the most though. Especially since it’s summer (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere)


OMG, Yesss!!! Thank you so much, these are so cute and cool!!
edit: I errr… just purchased the pugicorn straight away, didn’t really need to think about it.
I’m gonna go try out it’s abilities!


So sad I’m not a subscriber. Can’t use those pets :sob:


Oh, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to be annoying I didn’t know you couldn’t get them. :sleepy:


Oh I was talking to Bryukh


ohhhh ok. ( 2000 chars )


My daughter is giddy with excitement. She’s been waiting for the Pugicorn ever since she first saw it.


@Bryukh I don’t get why Pugicorn has the rainbow charm ability thingy. After all, it’s red and yellow, not rainbow.


Wooo I AM SO HAPPY! (20)


I am so adapting my code for these guys they are awesome!


Guess what i am using pender with her loyal pugicorn


I don’t know ogres are weird (They like to eat boogers :nauseated_face:)


Same, cuz apparently she has something to do with the pugicorn. :wink:


Yea but then i realized that it is not that effective with pender. I would really like to take control of a brawler but you cant :sob:. Instead i used the bear for pender and the fox for ritic


I spent almost all my gems… I was meaning to save them for new heroes, but I suppose these are better somewhat.


Yeah, same I had just been saving and I had 11800 but then I brought the pugicorn and now I only have 6700.
edit: I just brought the blue fox and now I only have 1600, Damn!


I bought all and I have… 2610 gems.


Hmmmm, so we need a new pack of pets.


Yea new cheaper pets would be greatly appreciated :smile: