Big Brother (Me) Vs Little Brother (Art)

Who Won? :confused: :+1:

Above this text is mine


you but the other person did quite well. the would decently get an honorable mention in my book😂


Lol, Thanks :laughing:

I’m going to have to call it a draw. :grin:

they are both good in different ways(Yours is slightly more realistic while your brothers is more of a cartoon)! The drawing are great @Greg_Heffley.

You deserve the win, Manny can draw that good already? :wink:

hahah(hi @EpicCoder999 )

yo sup dude! (y 20 @&%&#@%%#)

hi how are you(im good)

ive never been better

great(hey wanna move to PM)

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PM is private message

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