BEST ARMOR(Based only on damage and health(Also mostly it is about looks))!

That is my armor I will announce the winner on Saturday, May 30th!

@Deadpool198, @EpicCoder999 and @dedreous can you guys please join my discussion :money_mouth_face:!

If any one has seen this please post something.

Ok i will, mine gives me like 8000 hp

great but I mean before any code(if you cast earth skin)

5748 something hp (20 c)

great post status please

actually don’t post status

Just post your armor

Great I will announce the winner on May 30th(I am not in this by the way)

I like the red and blue mix. It is my favorite.

The rules are

  • NO copycats

  • NO hackers

  • If you want to delete what you sent and put a new and better armor you can

  • Remember this is based on health and damage only

  • Also mostly about looks too

  • Winner with armor will get a like from me!

everyone basically knows what is the best armor.

  • emeraled dragonplate and helm
  • defensive boots
  • two copper rings (extra 1000 hp)
  • monolith for damage, and deflector for health
  • runesword - for swing damage, sword of the temple guard for speed

if theres only one possible combination. people have to copy
Since i cant copy, i will simply put worn dragon armor instead.

yes but you have to post image for looks

ok! im not subscribed

Ok great i will anouce winner at MAy 30th

oh no i think i did something wrong

either way i suck, i have the obsidian helm, worn dragonplate, obsidian shield, leap boots, and programmaticon III

Ok I will anouce winner at u know wi