Bigger code editor

Found this older discussion and wondering if any progress has been made: Make code editor larger?

I don’t have much to add to that thread except to agree it would be really nice to be able to see more than 9 lines at a time. In lieu of that, being able to collapse loops would certainly help, and from an educational point of view would help a lot with keeping indenting straight. Even better would be to add both that and having more lines.

As it stands now, is there anything I can do to get more lines outside of copying and pasting from an external editor? In particular, any way to link an external editor, or really just load an external file would do the trick, I’d think. Then you could edit in your external editor and as long as you save with the same name and place there wouldn’t be any other trickery needed beyond that.

Also noticed there is an option to make the editor behave like vim or emacs. Cool! (I love vim)

First try here didn’t get too far.

Will probably update if we make progress.

Thanks, Nick good to hear it is on the radar, though sounds like it is not a big priority? Not sure how others feel, but this is by far the biggest weakness of the user interface IMO.

Does anyone have some workarounds to share (beyond copy and paste)? Or do all the people who care about have some complicated work around that can’t really be shared easily? :wink:

Well I just keep a text doc on my desktop and use that as a libary