Cool, helpful things for codecombat (JS) users

Kinda off-topic, but here I have 2 sources that I suggest you use.
The first, called JSHint, is based off JSLint, and is a helpful debugger. I enjoy using it more than the Codecombat debugging system (Sorry!). I am not sure, but there may be similar things for different (programming) languages. It has saved me many a hour spent on growling and keyboard pounding in a rage.
The second is JSBeautifier, and it is to make your code pretty, as the name suggests. I like to use it before I post in the Discourse, so my code looks decent. Keep in mind that it does add some extra lines sometimes.
This post might be against the Discourse rules, so feel free to remove it if is not up to standards.

Hopefully I save you guys some time!

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Note that CodeCombat uses JSHint behind the scenes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Though, CodeCombat uses a somewhat outdated JSHint version (v2.3.x, while the current latest is v2.9.0), and CodeCombat also changes some of the error and warning messages to make them more newbie friendly.

Not trying to nitpick, but just to open a parenthesis: once you get into the habit of following a solid code style, you will notice that all the code you write will come in a properly formatted and perfectly readable format. But of course, JSBeautifier is an excellent tool in case you ever find yourself working with (your or someone else’s) badly formatted code.

I particularly don’t see any problem, the linked tools are on-topic and very helpful. Thanks for sharing. :smile:

Wow, I didn’t know Codecombat ran JSHint.
I find that I deal with Codecombat related errors(trying to command Hector, finding enemies, etc.) on Codecombat and code related errors(too many brackets, no semicolon, etc.) on JSHint.